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even jongdae got sick of the drama

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because the queen is wearing her crown

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2nd adventure daehyun

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Hello everyone! Six months and a username change later, I’m back with another follow forever~ I made a mini follow forever back in January but I used to rarely talk to people and interact with my followers. But in the course of these few months, I’ve made so many memories and found some great blogs!! I’ve been lucky enough to be able to interact more with all of you and I’m very thankful for that as well ;; I have to thank all of you above all for keeping up with me and for being the kindest people on earth ; 3 ; Thank you endlessly, you all have been with me through thick and thin and I wouldn’t have lasted this long if it weren’t for you guys ♡♡ I’ve added almost everyone I follow on this list, and if I didn’t, you’re either an fy or resource blog, or I most likely put you on my first ff!! If I forgot you, please please forgive me I love you just as much and I follow you because of that ; 3 ; hehe Thanks to melonhun for the lovely graphic! ♡♡

Special shoutout to anal clam because you are the best family hehe I love you all a lot, thank you for giving me company each and every day (everyone hover for msg!!) 

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Sorry if I misspelled anyone’s url or anything in general ; A ; I also took a lot of time writing those messages so I really hope you read them! hehe Thank you all so much for being lovely! ♡♡


Hello~ ummm okay wow idk what to say ummm well this is my First Follow Forever, I never thought I would make one of this but yeah, here I am lol This is for both my Main Blog, LuhansLullaby (Chilenagirl before) and my BTS side-blog, princesseok :) 

It’s been almost a year since I made my Main Blog and my BTS blog has been up for just a couple of months and has reached an amount of followers that I thought I would Never have ;;u;; so I decided it was time to make one of this to thank my wonderful followers and the amazing people I follow~

PS. Sorry for my crappy grammar, edit, and if I missed someone on the list I AM SO SORRY! OTL

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You all have such wonderful blogs! I love every single one of them *u* thank you for making my bash such a wonderful place (≧◡≦) and Thank you to my followers that put up with me everyday :’D

bye bye~!


hi!! this is luhuun aka carmen ^^ after about 1.5 years on tumblr, i’ve decided to do my first follow forever! firstly i just wanted to thank everyone on here for being so supportive of each other and of me. i’ve made such good friends through this website and i’m so thankful for them everyday. i’m also thankful for all you lovely followers for liking and reblogging the lame things i make on here. every like and reblog really makes me so happy and want to keep doing stuff for the fandom. thank you all so much for making tumblr such a lovely place for me and i really do wish to interact with more of you in future, so please please please feel free to talk to me whenever about whatever!! also, this ff is tiny because i only follow 55 blogs, so i don’t think i’ve missed anyone but please feel free to check out my blogroll anyway! thank you guys so much again, for everything. i lob lob lob you all ♥♥♥
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eye spy with my little eye cathy suffering from a serious case of LUHANitis ¬‿¬


no but joegg i need help please save me….u know i think i used to stan luhan way harder than sehun during mama era 2012 because i looked through my saved photos and i frEAKING FOUND NEARLY 1/2 OF THEM WERE LUHAN, THE OTHER BIG PART WAS SEHUN AND THE REST WERE OTHER MEMBERS? ? ? ?WHAT? ? ? i’m very confused i feel like i got knocked in the head and passed out until 2014 and woke up as a sehun stan and pushed luhan down??? but now he is crawling back up to become equal 2nd?? 


cathegg the mother chicken of the cartons how is the oh segg doing

JINEGG ugh i miss you so much it feels like it’s been forever since we last talked…i feel so terrible :[ ugh if you tried to msg me on kakao i haven’t gotten a chance to reply because my account is being dumb… . i think i might have to make a new one sigh but our old messafges…sobs : ‘(

ANYWAYS!! oh segg has been doing gr8 i mean yea the booty game/face game/sehun game still very strong i think it gets stronger by day and multiplies by night :\ but then again i think u will know how segg is doing better than i because….after all you have him in your bed right? i need updates couGH!!! please update me asap <3